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Imps Birthday Lotto

The option to use PayPal to contribute to The Imps Birthday Lotto has ceased, so any subscribers who were previously using this method and want to continue contributing to The Imps birthday Lotto will need to contact the club as a matter of urgency to discuss other options.

Since it was launched in November 1997, the Imps Birthday Lotto has raised well over £500,000 for Lincoln City Football Club making it a valuable source of income for 'The Imps'.

Every week a top prize of £250 is paid out as well as 2 runners-up prizes of £50, 4 prizes of £25 and 30 prizes of £10. In addition, a rollover jackpot is also in operation - this increases by £200 per week until it's won and can reach a maximum of £4,000.

The draw takes place every Friday and remember - you've got to be in it to win it and the more members = bigger prizes!

It couldn't be easier to play - simply download an application form. The cost? Just £1 per week.

If you require any further information then please contact Lincoln City Football Club on 01522 880011 or email

'Imps Birthday Lotto' is registered with the Lincoln City Council for the purposes of the Lotteries and Amusement Act 1976.
Promoter: Mr C Ashton, Sincil Bank Stadium, Lincoln, LN5 8LD.


Weekly first prize of £250
2 Runner-up prizes of £50
4 Runner-up prizes of £25
30 Runner-up prizes of £10

The following subscriptions per membership are payable in advance; Weekly £1, Monthly £4.33, Quarterly £13, Half Yearly £26, Annually £52. It is the responsibility of the member to cancel their membership via their agent or directly with Lincoln City FC (Membership Card must be returned upon cancellation)

All members will receive a membership card stating the date they have chosen and membership number

The Draw will take place every Friday for announcement on the following Monday

The draw is done using a random number selector between 1 and the total number of members.

The number selected establishes the winning birthday date and a search is then made for other members on the database with the same date. If a duplicate is found the first prize will be shared equally

Weekly prizes will be adjusted depending upon the number of members. Any changes to the weekly prize amounts will be announced via this website.


A random date will be selected between 1/1/1912 and the date of the draw taking place. The date selected by the randomiser is checked against the Imps Birthday Lotto database. If there is no winner the prize will roll over to the next week and increase by £200. The prize will increase by £200 each week until won, with the maximum prize payable of £5,000.

These rules are strictly adhered to at all times and the management's decision is final on all issues.

Lottery Administrator: Nicol Smith, Telephone 01522 880011, email

Rules last updated 12.06.17

If you are over 18 years of age, have a few hours to spare each week and are interested in helping the Club continue to grow the 'Imps Birthday Lotto', either as a canvasser or an agent then please call 01522 880011 or email  

Generous commissions are paid plus certain incentives for match day tickets.

You can join the Imps Birthday Lotto by downloading and completing this application form.

If you require any further information then please contact Lincoln City Football Club on 01522 880011 or email